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Finding wheelchair accessible parking

Finding a suitable parking space or indeed a car park that accommodates a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be troublesome, especially if you are visiting a new area.

There are certain considerations when it comes to finding a suitable parking space; plenty of space to remove the wheelchair from the vehicle safely, accessibility to the pedestrian areas and spaces that are close to the local shops and attractions.

If you are heading to a new location, you can find suitable disabled parking before you set off using the handy disabled space finder from Disabled Parking Accreditation.

This search facility will help you find suitable parking that;

  • Has accessible bays
  • Has ease of access
  • Has good lighting
  • Has clear signage
  • Has accessible payment machines

Accessible Bays

According to DPA, accessible bays must have minimum dimensions of 2.4m x 4.8m accompanied by a 1.2m transition zone around the marked bay, allowing for the wheelchair and their user to easily access the vehicle.

As well as having accessible bays, the car park must have a minimum ratio of disabled spaces, usually 3% of the car park.

Clear Signage

Clear signs must be present that offer guidance of how to navigate the car park, specifically for multi-storey car parks.


If the car park is across multiple levels, there must be either ramps or lifts available for wheelchair users. If the car park is located on one level, the pedestrian entrance/exit must offer levelled access.

Accessible machines

Pay and display machines must be accessible for wheelchair users, specifically from a height perspective. These machines will usually be located near to the accessible parking spaces.

Good lighting

Imperative to providing a safe environment to wheelchair users, good lighting should be provided to help guide wheelchair users to the designated spaces.

How many Disabled Parking Association car parks are there?

There are hundreds of DPA car parks around the UK, across major towns and cities. These car parks are located near to popular attractions, shops, restaurants and hotels, providing easy access for wheelchair users:

South East

London – 18 DPA car parks within 5 miles of London

Kent – 7 DPA car parks within the Kent region

Sussex – 50 DPA car park in the Sussex region

Essex – 48 DPA car parks in the Essex region


South West

Hampshire – 39 DPA car parks within the Hampshire region

Dorset – 3 DPA car parks in the Dorset area

Devon – 4 DPA car parks around the Devon region

Cornwall – 0 DPA car parks in the Cornwall region

Somerset – 22 DPA car parks in the Somerset region



West Midlands – 26 DPA car parks in West Midlands

East Midlands – 31 DPA car parks in the East Midlands region


North West

Lancashire/Greater Manchester – 31 DPA car parks in the North West


North East

Durham – 21 DPA car parks in the Durham region

Tyne and Wear - 28 DPA car parks in Tyne and Wear



West Yorkshire – 8 DPA car parks in West Yorkshire

South Yorkshire – 7 DPA car parks in South Yorkshire

North Yorkshire – 5 DPA car parks in North Yorkshire

Humberside – 35 DPA car parks in Humberside area



Ayrshire – 8 DPA car parks in the Ayrshire area

Midlothian – 25 car parks in the Midlothian area

Perthshire - 8 DPA car parks in the Perthshire region

If you are looking to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle or perhaps you may benefit from renting a vehicle instead, speak to the friendly team here at Wholesale Car Company who would be happy to help you find your freedom.

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