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Where you can park as a Blue Badge holder


Being a Blue Badge holder means you are entitled to park in accessible on-street parking bays near to local amenities in towns and cities across the UK. Although there may be accessible bays in public or council run car parks, different rules do apply and it is down to the car park owner to apply…

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Wheelchair Accessible Routes in the UK


If you are a wheelchair user, getting out and about in nature should not be fraught with worry and stress, but this can often be the case. When planning a day out, the route usually has to be checked in advance for any issues it could pose to a wheelchair user and then there’s the added…

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Large wheelchair accessible vehicles


If you have a large family or you take a lot of trips around the country, you could benefit from a large wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), which has more cabin space and additional seats. In the instance where will just be the wheelchair user and one additional passenger (or driver), you can…

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How to choose your perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle


When the time comes to look for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, either as a replacement for an old model or your very first WAV, there are considerations to make to ensure you find the right vehicle for you. There are the usual considerations that come with any new car purchase: Price Make/ model…

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Compact wheelchair accessible vehicles


When the time comes to upgrade or even purchase your very first wheelchair accessible vehicle, or WAV for short, you might be researching which make or model is best for you. Compact WAV’s are great for getting about, but also much easier to park in space constrained areas. Large WAV’s…

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Finding wheelchair accessible parking


Finding a suitable parking space or indeed a car park that accommodates a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be troublesome, especially if you are visiting a new area. There are certain considerations when it comes to finding a suitable parking space; plenty of space to remove the wheelchair from the…

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Everything you need to know about Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles


Whether you are looking for your first WAV, which stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, or you are looking to upgrade  to a new WAV, we’re here to provide you with all the assistance you should need to help you make the most informed decision. What we will cover in this article:…

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Wheelchair Accessible Visitor Spots around the UK


Finding accessible places to visit can often take the fun away from actually visiting and enjoying these new places; the planning can be somewhat of a military operation. You need to find an accessible visitor attraction with accessible parking nearby, which can often prove difficult, particularly…

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